Tuesday, January 8, 2013


If someone were to tell me a few years ago that I'd be in love with monograms, I'd say they're absolutely crazy! However, these last couple of months, I've been crazed by how much I love them! Today, I received my last Christmas present (I know, two weeks after Christmas haha). I love monograms so much I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to monograms (follow me on Pinterest)! Here's a picture of my necklace I got:

I am totally freaking out as to how much I love this necklace! I've already planned so many outfits to wear this with haha. Ok well, I just wanted to blog really quickly about this because I thought y'all would apprecite it. Have a great day guys! :)

PS, thank you so much for the comments, thoughts, and prayers, some of you guys have said about Shawn. He's being strong about it. I appreciate it very much :) 


  1. Monograms are one of my favorite things. I love your necklace, too! So versatile!

  2. Your new necklace is so pretty! I love monograms!