Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pageants Galore!

Hey guys! I have some awesome things that has been happening that I want to share with you. Yesterday was such an exciting day for me!

If y'all didn't watch, Miss America was on last night! It was such a great pageant, except I was kind of disappointed by the talent, especially the singing. However, some of the piano and dancing was done beautifully. Honestly, I was very surprised that Miss New York won because I heard so many rumors about Miss South Carolina taking it all, but I was very happy for her!

The other fun thing that happened yesterday was going to my high school's 12th Annual scholarship pageant! It was a great load of fun. It's a three night competition that has preliminaries in casual wear, talent, and evening wear, as well as an off stage interview, and then the last night is top ten. My high school gives away over $7,000 in scholarship making it the biggest high school scholarship pageant in the nation! I actually competed in it my senior year:

(My friend Carolyn and I. Carolyn came in 2nd runner up!) 

The girl who one the pageant last night made history, as did the 1st runner up, being the youngest girls to win the highest titles- sophomores! It was incredible. The girl who actually came in 1st runner up was the daughter of a family friend's. She only competed in it to have fun and then to do it again the next year- little did she know that she would be in the top ten, top five, and 1st runner up! 

Sorry for the lack of posts y'all, I've been pretty sick this last week so I've been in bed watching Gossip Girl. Pathetic, I know. 
I hope to post more before I hear back to school. Have a great day! :) 

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