Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cabin Fever!

I think I am seriously the only one left who hasn't gone back to school. Frankly, it's making me crazy! People are studying for exams and tests and such and I'm like I haven't even flown back to school yet! I do love just being home and relaxing, but at other times I just really want to be back at school. I cannot wait for my internship to start! My pledge sister, Karen, is also an intern there in the PR Department, and told me the COO wants to meet with me! Ah, I'm totally totally freaking out! What do I wear my first day of work?!

I'm also really excited to start school. This is going to be another hectic semester, but thanks to, I'm not too worried about the classes I'm taking. However, it is 18 credits. I'm already trying to prepare myself for the breakdowns I will have because of 18 credits on top of an internship. I am very happy to be the Recruitment chair for my sorority, but thank the LORD recruitment will be over as of February 13th (bid day) and I won't have so much to worry about.

Speaking of Recruitment, I've been out and about buying stuff to make the room look all pretty for Rush! I know at some schools they either don't have a spring recruitment or it's informal, but for my school Spring Recruitment is formal. So needless to say, I've been stressing out this last week. I think it's definitely been good that all my friends went back to school so I can focus on all of this.

Oh, I'm also throwing a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend tomorrow night! He's coming home for the weekend, as are a lot of my other friends, so they're all coming over to help me surprise him. It'll be really fun and I'll take pictures and put them on here :)

Ok, well I think this has been enough ranting for now... Sorry for all the random thoughts going through my head!

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  1. Best wishes with recruitment! When does school start back up?