Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jack Rogers Internship!

Today I have some VERY exciting news!

I'm going to be interning for Jack Rogers!!!! Oh my goodness, I still can't believe it!

I feel so blessed to be interning for such an amazing company! I plan on blogging about it as soon as I start my first day, when I get back to New York! :) I'm going to be an intern in the Sales department, so I will be working with samples and stock!

Also, my pledge sister just got an internship as well in the Public Relations Department! Go check out her blog! 

Have a great day! :)


  1. this is such an honor!!! :) i just found your blog and had to join the site. i can't wait to see what you post next! it seems you like preppy things, and tomorrow i have a post on monograms so you might like to stop by! i hope you follow my site too. stay in touch! cheers

  2. This is so exciting!! How did you got such an awesome opportunity!? Love your blog!

  3. omgoodness!!!! i just got an internship with the pr department this summer at jack rogers! eeeeek!!!


    1. Hey! I was wondering how you went about getting your internship at Jack Rogers. I am a freshman retailing major and am interested in getting an internship at a retailer next summer.

  4. Hey there! It was really luck of the draw honestly. I liked their page one Facebook and one night while I was scrolling through my news feed, they posted that they needed New York City based interns! So from there, I emailed them my resume and then went in for an interview.