Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update on my life!

Hey y'all! So this last week has been huge for me! Here are some of my highlights:

  • Getting Recruitment Chair. I'm still in shock like you wouldn't believe! I went into Chapter on Tuesday thinking I would watch one of my other sisters get this position. Um, wrong! I was nominated last minute and had five minutes to write a speech. I had so many people helping me, and in the end I got the position! I am more than thrilled to be on the executive board for the next year in my Sorority! :)

  • State Day. Yesterday I had to be up bright and early as my chapter ventured off to Hofstra University for State Day! Every chapter of Theta Phi Alpha from NY, NJ, CT, and DE was there. I was in a room of around 200 sisters and couldn't be happier! We ventured more into ritual, fundraising, and recruitment techniques. I also found out that me, the president, and the vice president of my chapter will be flown somewhere in the country to a Leadership Retreat this summer! I'm beyond excited for it! 

Me and two of my sisters at State Day! :)

Me and the current Recruitment Chair! 

As for now, I am starting to pack to go to Florida for Thanksgiving break!! I leave Friday and I'm ecstatic!! I hope you all had an amazing week! 

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