Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rainy Days

So, Hurricane Sandy is heading on up to the North tomorrow. Which means school is canceled for me! Even though I'm thrilled that I don't have to take my Management exam tomorrow, I'm not gonna be happy about having to stay in my dorm for a couple of days. However, for those who do decide to go out in the midst of a hurricane or rainy weather, here are my top choices on how to be prepared for the weather and still look cute at the same time:

Rainy Days

Monogramed Raincoat: Raincoats are really helpful when dealing with heavy weather. You don't have to worry about getting what you're wearing wet. Also, who doesn't love monograms?! Jazzing up a raincoat can definitely make it worth your while going into the rain. I have my Theta Phi Alpha raincoat that I wear all the time. They're nice and comfy and keep you warm too!

Cute Umbrella: Bubble umbrellas are a big fashion statement around my campus. While they might be a pain in the butt to carry about all the time, it is so worth it. They are big so it covers all of your body, plus you could fit a friend or two under them as well!

Leggings: One thing I hate about the rain, is when you're wearing jeans how soggy and heavy they get. Leggings are perfect for the rain because they're light and thin. I definitely recommend getting a cheap pair from a local store. It's ok if they get really wet because you can just hang them up and they'll dry particularly quickly.

Rainboots: I've become obsessed with rainboots recently. They're so fun, and when you get some with a cute pattern or color, it makes it even more fun to wear them. Hunter rain boots are a must for this season. I especially love this pair because the socks make the boots stand out.

I hope everyone stays safe these next couple of days! I know I'm ordering a ton of Chinese food tonight to last me until Tuesday!

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