Friday, September 14, 2012

Greek Gear!

One of my favorite things about being in a sorority is the cute apparel that comes with it! Of course there are so many other great reasons, but this is definitely one of the perks. My sorority started a tradition at the school to give out rain jackets with the Greek Organization, Pledge Class, Pledge Name, and Scroll Number on it. I just received mine on Tuesday and I'm totally obsessed! :

I am so, so, SO in love with this jacket. I have to admit I slept in it the night I got it- definitely the best sleep of my life ;) We were supposed to get them on Initiation, but they weren't ready yet so they surprised us at the end of Chapter! 

What are some traditions your Sorority do?


  1. Hey Amanda!

    Congratulations on your recent initiation!

    My name is Jen Trinh, and I'm from the Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Chi Chapter at Stevens in Hoboken, NJ. I was just wondering where you got these amazing jackets because I want to order some.

    Let me know!

    Jen Trinh

  2. I really don't know where we got them actually! I think we get them at the Greek Store near our school.

  3. How is the material?