Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Hey guys! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. This weekend for me was filled with tons of Philanthropy, which I couldn't be more happier to do! One of the big reasons I even considered joining Greek life was for the community service and giving back to the community.

On Saturday, two of my pledge sisters and I went to a place called Bread and Water. We all sat in our own little cubicle and registered people under their list so that they can receive Christmas presents for their children. One women came in and told me she didn't even want to do that because their are so many people less fortunate than her but was begged to come by her friends. She then told me that half of what her son got was going to be given to children who need it more.

It amazed me that even people who are very much in need of money also think there are people who are way worse off than they are. It was so inspiring.

Today, I woke up at the wonderful time of 6:30 to walk around CoronaPark for Making Strides for Breast Cancer. Although I wasn't so happy to wake up at that hour, I was excited to take part of this Philanthropy.

Me and two of my other sisters got to the registration site extra early to help St. John's students register. It took forever because there was so many people in line waiting to register!

When we got to the starting line to walk the 5k, there were so many people there just standing on the side lines the whole time cheering people on. It was such a great motivation and really kept me smiling the whole time. 

Corona Park was so beautiful, and some of the spots looked something like a movie. It was so surreal. 

When I got back from the walk, I ordered Chinese food with some of my sisters and watched American Horror Story. I then proceeded to go back to my dorm and take a two hour nap that was very much needed! 

I'm so happy I got the opportunity to do both of those things this weekend. 
Are you doing anything with your sorority to prevent Breast Cancer?

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