Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Obsession!

So lately I've had an obsession with shoes. I guess I get it from my mother because she has about 300 pairs of shoes in her closet right now- talk about a shoe lover's paradise! But I have to say, some of my favorite shoes to wear are sandals. I'm not too crazy about heels- yeah they may be cute, but when you're 5'10 you don't want to be towering over everyone, especially when you're boyfriend is only an inch or two taller than you. Sandals to me are great for walking around, especially when flats or other shoes can give you major blisters on the back of your ankles. This is why I am now in love with Jack Rogers.

Above are my favorite, the Hamptons Navajo

Jack Rogers sells a variety of colors and designs. The shoes can vary from sparkles, funky prints, collegiate colors, and even sorority colors. Jack Rogers even sells the most adorable wedges and flats. And for all you monogram lovers, he sells sandals with those too! The best part is, they are all pretty convenient prices! 

What's your favorite style?


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