Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm Sick *cough cough*

As the leaves are changing, so is my immune system. Although I had an amazing time home, I got a massive cold the first night I was back. It always happens to me. Right before I go home, or right when I get home, I develop a cold. It sucks. Here are some tips I came up with for those unlucky ones who get colds a lot:

1. Take sudafed or any decongestion as soon as you feel it coming. Believe me, if you don't, you will feel like you're dying the next morning. Go to your local pharmacy and pick up an over the counter decongestion. Believe me, it'll be worth it in the long run. Take it right when you wake up and before you go to bed.

2. Try going to sleep early. I know most of us college students are pulling all nighters most nights studying, but when you're sick you'll feel miserable if you do. Try going to sleep early, especially when you're at your worst.

3. Don't wear yourself out! This weekend, I had so many people to visit and so many places to be, I felt completely awful by this morning. Try to make some time for yourself and just lay around and grab a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa.

4. Bring a pack of tissues with you everywhere you go! This tip is pretty much self explanatory. The last thing people wanna hear is you sniffing up a storm- not cute. Kleenex sells little packs of tissues that are so convenient to carry around anywhere. 

5. Drink hot drinks and eat lots of soup! When I came home for Christmas break last year, I was sick as a dog. The flight back to Atlanta was awful- head was bounding, and ears were ringing the whole time. My mother being the guardian angel that she is, had a hot bowl of her home made chicken noodle soup ready for me when I walked in the door. I felt so much better after! Soup and hot drinks really make all the difference!

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  1. Pack up on a lot of vitamin C when you know that the seasons are changing and you just might get colds. Multivitamins or ascorbic acid supplements would help you out, but it would be a good practice to eat, and have a lot of citrus fruits, like oranges, in your diet.

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