Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking Things For Granted

So I'm in my community theater's annual summer stock production of Cinderella, and unfortunately two out of the four performances have been rained out, since we are performing at an amphitheater. Well, one and a half I should say: we got to do half of the show tonight before they had to call it and cancel it.
Anywho, about twenty minutes into the show it stopped raining for a bit, so I decided to sit outside and read a book. The dressing room was a complete disaster, as about twenty tweens and little girls were trying to put on ball gowns for the Ball scene. As I was reading, one of the little girls- she must have been about five or six or so- came up to me.
I smiled at her, and put my book down. She then asked me, "Do you know what my favorite part is about storms?" Just some background, this little girl is terrified of storms. The shows and rehearsals we had as it thundered and lightning-ed, she would cry so hard and beg for her mom; her parents were caught in a tornado once. The poor girl was traumatized.
So, I answered back wittily, "When it stops storming?"
She just looks up to the sky and smiles and says, "How pretty the sky looks after."
So I look in the same direction as her. She was absolutely right; the sky was absolutely beautiful.
It made me realize how much we take things like that for granted. During thunder storms, my only thoughts are either a) when is it going to stop raining, or b)where can I find a fire place, hot cocoa, and a blanket.
So next time it stops storming, look at the sky and just be thankful your alive.

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